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What is youtube looper?

Youtube looper is a website that allows users to loop any youtube video or youtube music song. Once the video reaches the end, the website will seamlessly start the video again and it will loop until you stop. This allows you to listen or watch the videos again and again without needing to watch any ads. You can also save previous videos or songs and loop them again later by simply clicking on them. Lastly, you can also listen to the sounds with your screen off so its perfect for studying or listening to sounds while you sleep.

Can you loop youtube music and how?

Yes you can loop youtube music. When you find a youtube music song that you like, simply click the share button on the song. Then copy the youtube music share link and enter the link in the url. Then your favorite song will automatically start looping.

Do the videos have any ads on them?

No, all the youtube videos are ad free and don't play any ads when they loop. This makes it perfect for listening to your favorite songs on repeat without any distractions.

Is youtube Looper free?

Yes youtube looper is completely free and will stay that way forever. We believe in creating a way to allow users to easily loop their favorite songs or sounds either for studying or just relaxing.

Can you loop a youtube video with the screen turned off?

Yes and this feature works for both phone and computer. Simply turn off your phone or display and click the play button in the lock screen. This will allow the video to play and loop for as long as you want whether it be for a few minutes or for hours while you sleep or study.

How long will the video loop for?

The video will loop forever until you pause it or close the video.

Why I made this website.

I love listening to calming sounds and ambient sounds while I work but the youtube website does not have an easy way for you to loop videos. So I wanted to make this website where you can loop videos for as long as you want and you don’t even need to have your phone or computer screen on. This makes it perfect for saving battery while listening to the song that you enjoy the most. Likewise, you can also save your favorite sounds using the button under the video. This will add them to the saved list and from there simply click the song or video that you want and it will start looping.